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10 years anniversary for Hanoch Levin website

it's been 10 years, thousands of users enter this website to read his texts, to translate and research and watch amazing productions from all over the world. Rellevant as always, in life and in death, Hanoch Levin died 21 years…

כרזת ההפקה

New production: Ya'akobi and Leidental in Beijing

Ya’akobi and Leidental will be performed in the Chinese language for the first time, as part of an exceptionally special production.

לוגו תיאטרון באר שבע

Rehearsals for "Winter Funeral" underway at the Be'er Sheva Theatre

It is one of Hanoch Levin’s most brilliant and pungent family comedies.

פוסטר ההצגה

16/3, 12:00, Tzavta Theatre – "Elias, Elias" celebrates 4 years!

The play which premiered in December 2013, is now celebrating 4 years of touring the stages, with more than 350 performances so far around the country.

פוסטר של ההצגה הילד חולם

"The Child Dreams" to be produced by the Kameri Theatre

Hanoch Levin’s play receives a renewed and intriguing version, directed by Omri Nitzan

צילום: שלומית כרמלי

A Special Production of Yaacoby And Leidental For 10th International Theater Festival

Hanoch Levin’s classic that tells the story of two friends, Yaacoby and Leidental, who are fighting each other for a drop of respect in a world without dignity, and for a drop of happiness in a world without happiness.

הזמנה ותוכנית הכנס

Haifa University Hosting a conference: Levin's work as a source of inspiration for psychotherapy practitioners

The convention, which will take place on the 20/2/2018, would deal with the child within us, the power of well-aimed words, the deep pain, the meaningful humour, the shifting between illusions and missed opportunities, rigid patterns of inter-relations, comparisons to others, and the depths of the human soul.

Hanoch Levin in Chinese For The First Time

On November 5 there was a festive launch of an anthology of four plays by Hanoch Levin. This is the first time texts of Levin are published in Chinese.

The plays in the anthology are Requiem, Suitcase Packers, The Slut from…

צילום: זראר אלון

Krum Launches in Cameri Theatre

A new production of Krum, directed by Ilan Ronen went on stage of the Cameri Theater this month.

The funny and moving comedy, one of Hanoch Levin's most beautiful and quoted plays, premiered in 1975, directed by the playwright.
The creators of…

פוסטר הסדרה

A New Documentary About Hanoch Levin's Life

18 years since Levine’s death, comes the epic series in four chapters – the personal and artistic biography of one of Israel’s greatest playwrights and one of the sharpest, witty, and cruel minds who wandered around here, a rare agent of truth who told us what we dared not tell ourselves.

The Different Versions of The Song Shachmat (Chess)

In honor of Israel's Memorial Day, composer Alex Kagan talks with journalist Itamar Zohar in Haaretz newspaper about the various versions of the song "Shachmat" (Chess) – an anti-war song of a mourning parent asking where her dead son has…

עטיפת כתב העת

New Orot Issue Dedicated To Hanoch Levin

On the Jewish-Polish-Polish-Jewish side of Hanoch Levin, Fake-News and Trumpism, the new issue of the journal Orot is dedicated to Hanoch Levin

The journal Orot celebrates 10 years of creative activity with a full edition of original works that correspond with…

עטיפת הספר בעברית

A New Translation of The Skinny Soldier in English

The Skinny Soldier, whose Israeli premiere took place at the last Akko Festival (directed by Tal Brenner), was translated into English as part of the English-language quality translations of Hanoch Levin's works, with the unique collaboration of the two translators…

A Crime Called Man - Levin's Life Exposed

17 years after the death of Hanoch Levin, his son Raphael placed his family in front of the cameras for a documentary that reveals the complex family life that has been kept silent for years.

This film "A Crime Called Man" tells…

עטיפת הספר

Two of Levin's Collection Published In Poland

Two new books of plays by Hanoch Levin have been published in Poland lately.

"The Great Whore of Babylon", featuring seven "mythical" plays – The Weepers, The Janitors, The Emperor Gok, The Great Whore of Babylon, The Lost Women of Troy,…