10 years anniversary for Hanoch Levin website

it's been 10 years, thousands of users enter this website to read his texts, to translate and research and watch amazing productions from all over the world. Rellevant as always, in life and in death, Hanoch Levin died 21 years…

כרזת ההפקה

New production: Ya'akobi and Leidental in Beijing

Ya’akobi and Leidental will be performed in the Chinese language for the first time, as part of an exceptionally special production.

לוגו תיאטרון באר שבע

Rehearsals for "Winter Funeral" underway at the Be'er Sheva Theatre

It is one of Hanoch Levin’s most brilliant and pungent family comedies.

פוסטר ההצגה

16/3, 12:00, Tzavta Theatre – "Elias, Elias" celebrates 4 years!

The play which premiered in December 2013, is now celebrating 4 years of touring the stages, with more than 350 performances so far around the country.

פוסטר של ההצגה הילד חולם

"The Child Dreams" to be produced by the Kameri Theatre

Hanoch Levin’s play receives a renewed and intriguing version, directed by Omri Nitzan