February 21, 2018
פוסטר ההצגה

The play which premiered in December 2013, is now celebrating 4 years of touring the stages, with more than 350 performances so far around the country.

A special performance will take place on Friday the 16/3, 12:00 o’clock at the Tzavta Theatre!

Sketches and verses by Hanoch Levin, directed and performed by:


Moni Moshonov, Lilian Barreto and Dror Keren

Musical direction: Tal Blecherovitz

Piano: Tal Blecherovitz / Michal Solomon / Nadav Rubinstein

Excecutive Producer: Einat Besser

Photography: Gadi Dagon


The play’s duration is one hour and twenty minutes without intermission.


“Extremely funny sketches! Pleasurable outcome!” (Yediot Achronot)

“An evening full of gems! Words are not enough, you must see it for yourselves!” (Ha’aretz)

“Brings you to tears and makes you burst out of laughter!” (Calcalist)

“A flowing and amusing show…great job!”  (Achbar Ha’eer)

“A rare evening by a giant maker, enacted by the best performers there are” (Israel Hayom)

“An enchanting and mesmerizing show.. just watch and laugh in longing” (Habama website)

“Masters of comedy”, (the morning magazine, Galey Tzahal)

“Charming homage of verses and sketches with three excellent comedians!” (Globes)

“An indulging experience!” (The Jerusalem Post)