May 17, 2017
פוסטר הסדרה

18 years since Levine’s death, comes the epic series in four chapters – the personal and artistic biography of one of Israel’s greatest playwrights and one of the sharpest, witty, and cruel minds who wandered around here, a rare agent of truth who told us what we dared not tell ourselves.

For more than 30 years, Hanoch Levin has shown us a brave image. At first a political image and then a social and personal one. He irritated, moved, angered, saddened and discouraged his growing audience, creating a language and style unique to him. He created a whole world with clear, gloomy, rules that often were lacking compassion.  Invented heroes (or rather anti-heroes) are unique only to him. He was surrounded by a group of actors who admired him and fought for the right to work with him, leaving behind a huge work of plays, prose and poetry, only part of which is familiar to the audience. Alongside all this, Hanoch Levin remained, to a great extent, a man of mystery. A man whose image and thoughts remained deep in the shadows, for he had chosen.
The series brings to the television screen the leading actors, playwrights, stage designers, directors and creators in the Israeli theater. It brings the Israeli audience back together with Levin’s plays and tries to paint not only the portrait of his enigmatic image, but also the image of the country reflected in his plays. Israel in its formative years, from the end of the 1960s until the end of the 1990s. From the prophetic satirical plays that redefined freedom of expression, through his comedies that created an almost eternal Israeli internal hierarchy of humiliating and humiliated and showed us all that was convenient for us to repress about our relationships. Plays that also contained tragedies that deconstructed the great myths of our lives to Levin’s constant preoccupation with death. It reached its peak at the end of his life when he staged  on his deathbed in the hall of Tel Hashomer The Weepers – a new play whose heroes are also dying.