March 6, 2017
עטיפת הספר בעברית

The Skinny Soldier, whose Israeli premiere took place at the last Akko Festival (directed by Tal Brenner), was translated into English as part of the English-language quality translations of Hanoch Levin’s works, with the unique collaboration of the two translators Jessica Cohen and Eban Pellenberg together with The Hanoch Levin Institute of Israeli Drama. A new and up-to-date translation of Krum will soon appear, and The Child Dreams will be translated later.

The skinny soldier is among Levin’s last plays, a free adaptation of the Roman “Platonius”. Susya, the skinny soldier, finally returns home from the front after five years of absence and imagines the fictitious tales of heroism he will tell his wife and son. At the entrance to the house he meets the fat soldier who took his place. Later the creeping soldier arrives, and he demands his own – that his wife and son recognize him and assure him that he is still himself. In a reality of endless war, human identity crumbles into dust.

Jessica Cohen translated the works of David Grossman, Nava Semel, Dorit Rabinian, Etgar Keret and many others. Ibn Fellenberg translated the books of Meir Shalev, Ron Leshem, Alon Hilo and others. In addition, he translated the plays of Gilad Evron. The two of them combined forces and translated the play together in order to find solutions to the unique and challenging language of the playwright and the poet.

The Skinny Soldier was performed abroad only once – in France (2013), and the translated play is currently being read in theaters in the United States and England.