June 15, 2017
צילום: זראר אלון

A new production of Krum, directed by Ilan Ronen went on stage of the Cameri Theater this month.

The funny and moving comedy, one of Hanoch Levin’s most beautiful and quoted plays, premiered in 1975, directed by the playwright.
The creators of the current production decided to locate the neighborhood in Israel of 2017, whose heroes represent the Y generation: fashionable, up-to-date, connected nonstop to the phone screens, social media and reality shows and finding it hard to grow apart from their parents.
Krum, a young Tel Avivian who returns to his childhood neighborhood in Israel after unsuccessfully trying his luck  abroad, finds out that Truda, his ex-girlfriend, is dating another man and that his best friend Tugati is suffering from addiction to exercise and health. He marries Dupa who falls in love with Bertoldo, the Italian lover of her friend Tzvitzi  who became a successful model in Israel and abroad. Felicia and Dolce, the older neighbors, celebrate life from bar mitzvah to birthday, from wedding to funeral. Krum’s mother is eager for a grandson, but Krum dreams of running off with Tzvitzi to Los Angeles.