February 16, 2018
פוסטר של ההצגה הילד חולם

Hanoch Levin’s play receives a renewed and intriguing version, directed by Omri Nitzan


The Kameri Theatre began working on a new production of “The Child Dreams”, directed by Omri Nitzan and in collaboration with the Habima National Theater.

On the 13th of May 1939, following the bloody events of the Cristal Night, A ship called St. Louis departed the Hamburg harbour carrying 936 Jewish refugees headed for Cuba. But upon reaching the Cuban territorial water, the Cuban immigration authorities refused to accept them.

The haunted ship then began sailing from harbour to harbour in a desperate attempt to find a country which would agree to let the passengers in. The story of that ship, which was also the basis for the movie “Voyage of the Damned”, partly inspired Levin in writing his play “The Child Dreams”. (The story was published by Itzchak Laor in the Mi’ta’am periodical).


Levin’s masterpiece is an escape journey to a distant land, to the unknown, a flight from a past of terror to a future of consolation. Levin’s talent of interweaving satirical and comic situations with very expressive poetic ones, leads to a sensual and emotional experience, soberly dealing with the essence of human existence. “The Child Dreams”, which is all compassion and empathy, is one of the ultimate pinnacles of Israeli playwriting.

Participants (in alphabetical order):

Ruth Asarsai, Shlomi Avraham, Hadar Baruch, Ziv Clair, Alex Crol, Nimrod Dagan, Norman Eesa, Ron Glick, Oshrat Ingadeshet, Raviv Madar, Roni Merhavi, Neil Mish’an, Asaf Perry, Shachar Raz, Eran Sarel, Ola Shor Selekter, Na’ama Shitrit, Ben Yusifovitsh


Set and costumes: Polina Adamov

Music: Yosef Bardanashvilly

Light design: Keren Granek

Choreography: Miri Lazar


To the play’s text in Hebrew.

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